Migrantes, Refugiados y Argentinos Emprendedores Sociales


The Mirares Foundation- Migrants, Refugees and Argentinitan Social Entrepreneurs – is an organization that aims to build solidarity with refugee and migrant populations in Argentina during the process of local integration through various training opportunities, technical assistance, social economy fairs, microcredits, and employment search guidance in the formal job market.


The community-oriented, multicultural vision that we maintain at MIRARES and the characteristics of our inclusive process promote the work of argentinean entrepreneurs involved in the cause of human migration.

Our objectives

We provide advice and intercultural orientation to migrant and refugee populations in their process of local integration.

We create space for training and technical counseling for entrepreneurs in distinct aspects related to their productive, artisanal, service or merchandising projects.

We articulate networking opportunities with different organizations, agencies, and companies that link the population with policies and programs that promote development and access to rights.


Migrants and refugees in Argentina

Migrant and refugee entrepreneurs that participate in the program produce, sell, and provide services to generate their own income in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and some areas of Greater Buenos Aires. The central aim is to provide integral services to the migrant population in broad terms: migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. The first definition of a refugee, that was coined by the United Nations in 1951, and ratified in 1961 by Argentina, establishes that “a refugee is any person who, owing to well-founded fears of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, affiliation with a determined social group, or political opinions finds him or herself outside of his or her country of nationality and cannot, as a result of these fears, be protected by said country.” To this definition has been added legal figures that complete and widen the term to the “population of interest to the United Nations.” Since 1984, with the Declaration of Cartagena Regarding Refugees, the protection of the State extends to persons “who are in transition,” that is to say, who are soliciting their “refugee status.” The difference with migrants is based on the fact, in general, they have decided to look for new places to live, for different motives, but were able to make their own decision without being motivated by risks that they could face in their place of origin. Our current vision lays out the importance of reinforcing integration into the local population. In this way, Argentinean entrepreneurs have joined in on the initiatives that MIRARES carries out. In that sense, we say that people that attend the institution are subject to the rights of the actions directed to them.

Social economics and entreperneurship in Argentina

We understand Popular Social and Communal Economy as all economic activities and social practices that promote communal and associative values, in which there is no exploitation of human labor and harmony with nature can be developed. This economy recognizes all people as subjects of equal dignity, and protects the right to not be subjected to relationships based on domination, regardless of social status, gender, ethnicity, origin, ability, etc. The popular social and communal economy is an overarching proposal that understands economy intertwined with the social, the cultural and the political. Its purpose is the comprehensive, collective, and individual development of people and, the efficient management of economically viable, sustainable, and fully profitable projects, whose benefits are reinvested and redistributed.